Singing Bowl & Gong Sound Healing Meditation (Plug in your subwoofers!)

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This singing bowl and gong sound healing meditation was recorded on 11/12/11, LIVE in the Healing Center at The Mesa Creative Arts Center, Burgettstown, PA. Playing the bowls and gongs is Mike Tamburo of Crown of Eternity Vibrational Healing. (**You may also hear sounds from those lying on the floor near the camera who paid to have this experience in person. You get it for free!**) This vibrational meditation will sound much better and be more healing if listened to on a higher quality sound system with subwoofer that will more clearly reproduce the low overtones of the gongs. For more information on The Mesa Creative Arts Center and our programs, visit: For more information about Crown of Eternity Vibrational Healing, see their Facebook group: ...
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