New Book Scratching Video! ASMR Sounds to Relax :)

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Hi There! As some of you know, I stopped making videos for a while. I am going to try my best to start doing ASMR stuff again and since book scratching seems to be something that everyone likes, I wanted to start with that! The sound is low on this video, but I personally think it sounds a lot better with headphones on. I also wanted to mention that after I film a video I always listen to it several times to make sure there are no background noises that might startle someone. For example when I was filming this video, I could hear a car honking it's horn a couple of times in the background. I find it annoying if I am trying to sleep or relax and there are weird noises in the background and I figure most of you are the same, so I try to remove stuff like that when possible. That's why in this video you might notice that some parts are cut out. I live in a location with a lot of noise (and I guess I don't have the best filming equipment lol) so the potential for outside noises to show up is always an issue. I also removed as much background static as possible. I know that static can be relaxing but I wanted to make the sounds of the book scratching as clear as possible. Let me know what you guys think. As always I hope you find this video relaxing and get some ASMR tingles too :) xoxo Katee
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