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Whether it’s meditation music, relaxing music, sleep music, music for guided meditation, study, relaxation or yoga, you will be able to tune in and enjoy hours of sounds we’ve created to lift your spirits and heal your soul. Come away relaxed, refreshed and recharged with the sounds you need. We know that most listeners are looking for music to help them for a specific amount of time, so we’ve made it easy for you to find exactly the length you need, whether it’s 15min, 3 hours, 8 hours, or only 30 min. Listeners have told us they’re looking for music that’s relaxing without being monotonous. We know the key is not playing the same melody, or the same sounds, over and over. That’s why we’ve crafted our tracks around the most soothing and intriguing melodies for piano, pipes, guitar, violin, strings and other instruments. Besides our specially-created music that will play for you interruption-free for the time period you desire, many of our tracks also include nature sounds, such as waterfalls, beach waves, birdsong, forest breezes, snowy peaks, a reminder of the harmony that music helps your spirit attain. We also believe in the effect of music and tranquil melodies in our life; some of our melodies feature a special range of finely tuned sound waves (Delta, Alpha and Theta) that have been scientifically proven to lull your mind into a more relaxed state. Throughout history, humanity has understood the connection between music and relaxation, power, confidence and focus. Whether your aim is relaxation or productivity, our tracks will blend seamlessly into your life, helping you accomplish your goals and feel better about your life. Here are some of the most popular uses of our music: • Meditation music – Zen-inspired, our meditation music creates soaring, expansive visual and aural landscapes that take you away and escort you on an inner journey to tranquility. This makes the ideal backdrop to a guided meditation session or to other explorations, such as a Yoga or Pilates class. With powerful Indian and African influences, our meditation music opens doors to spiritual possibilities and mind expansion. • Relaxation music – These tracks offer soft music for healing, relaxation music is also ideal as spa music, playing in the background during a soothing massage or during a hypnosis session. Even busy executives, physicians and other medical personnel and other high-stress workers are discovering that taking a quick mini-break during the day to relax, de-stress, and focus on pleasurable sensations, such as sounds, can make a difference, leaving them refreshed and energized to carry on making mission-critical decisions. • Nature music – A chance to get away from city life and experience the wonder of childhood and interaction with nature. Our nature music represents a delight for all the senses, as you listen to the sounds of waterfalls, breezes in an infinite wheat field, streams rushing over rocks or rivulets of rain trickling down from the roof on a blissfully cool summer afternoon. Close your eyes, and these tracks will carry you away to a simpler time, and a simpler place, where the pace of life is gentle and the stresses of the everyday are far from view. • Sleep music – Perfect for all ages, our soothing melodies combined with nature sounds and binaural beats lull you toward dreamland while soothing sounds ease you into a relaxing, easy sleep where pleasant dreams await. Sleep music is appropriate for any age, from infancy up, and can help every member of the family enjoy more delicious and refreshing sleep more easily. • Study music – Studying, writing or working with music playing in the background can actually be more effective and efficient than working in silence. However, the music chosen must be carefully created so as not to create unwanted distractions. Our lyric-free study music tracks offer a blend of thrilling nature sounds and brain-stimulating binaural beats, all to an enjoyable musical accompaniment which offers endless variations and won’t intrude on your productivity. Enjoy!
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