Strymon Timeline - Water Crystal Cave - Incredible new sound !

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My music: Merch store: Facebook: ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------- This is a stunning gorgeous new sound I've created on my Strymon Timeline paired with the Flint. Here's how you can get this sound: Flint Color: 1 Decay: 8 Mix: 8 Timeline: Ice mode Time at 470 ms Reapeat at 6.5 Mix at 10 (no dry signal) Filter at 10 Grit at 0 Speed at 4.5 Depth at 4.5 Interval +1 Octave Slice Long Blend 50% Smear 15 bars (80%) Hipass 600Hz Tap division Quarter note Boost 0db Persist ON For the Strymon Timeline users that have kept the presets, you can take the Patch 18 B, that has similar settings. You only have to turn the Mix all the way up to 10 and also the filter up to 10 and maybe change the tempo. This is a very piercing Ice sound, so everything has to be darker. That's why I turned my guitar tone to 0 and played on the my neck pick-up. I recommend to do it if you want to get the same exact sound ! You can also change the Slice to a shorter time if you have delay issues with your playing and the sound, since there is no dry signal. Hope you will like this sound as much as I like it :-) (Recorded on Cubase 5 with a Shure SM-57 in front of my Valvetrain 315 tweed combo. My guitar is a Suhr Pro Series S1 Olympic White).
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