Beyond Deviation - White Noise | Pure Deathcore Exclusive

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Downtempo/Beatdown/Deathcore from Canada! Beyond Deviation's second single! Lyrics: The images of my past mistakes reminding me of my filth rotting from the inside digested by sin my mind is going in reverse SILENCE HEAR THE SOUND INTERFERENCE DISTORTION the lack of sound revealing the true nature of a wretched man i am facing what i deserve... Uuuuuuurrrrggghhhhh! Make the bitch squeal show me who you are make the bitch squeal show me who the fuck you are! The feeling of my dick Rotting through every orifice grinding slicing her throat using her fluids for lubrication! I don't regret my action and i will do it again! Beyond Deviation: Pure Deathcore: All rights belong to the band.
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