Hawk and the wild - The dream is still alive

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New indie-folk-rock from Västerås, Sweden. This song is a non-profit charity tribute to Martin Luther King, jr, and similar advocates of civil and human rights. Hawk and the wilds upcoming debut album Extrication Songs will be released in october 2016. Subscribe and follow on the platform of your choice! Spotify: Google Play: iTunes/Apple music: Website: Facebook fan-page: Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr: @hawkandthewild As a songwriter I hope that the listener is inspired to stand up against inequality and racism. Noone can do everything but everyone can start by finding one thing they care about. You can donate some money, maybe to one of my suggestions below. But above all, stand up for those who can not do it for themselves. Speak out and act when someone is violated or discriminated against! Malala Fund: Equal Education Fund: Friends (only sweden): ... A new campaign using this musicvideo will start on social medias every year on Martin Luther King Day. This years focus is on the right to safe and equal education! ________ Music and Lyrics: Jimmy Wiltfalk aka Hawk and the wild Video by: Konstantin Smirnov ( Produced by: Jimmy Wiltfalk and Tony Borg Stock footage provided by: Video blocks Published on Vilhelm Music and Showmaster Records A big thanks for all the support in this project. Crowdfund donations, time and effort. Konstantin for making the fantastic video. Marielle on vocals, Bella on violin and Tony, Vilhelm and Claes with production, release and marketing. ________ Lyrics On the mountaintop the chapter had its end Sanitation of our sanity was to mend A roaring voice trembled for the last time A kings last speech will forever chime The seats were empty when rosa sat down They walked to her case from town to town Lorraine was the place were he was last seen The warm hearted king, a man with a dream Into eternity, the last of the fighters Is still what we fight for Eternity, the last of the fighters is still what we’re fighting for You can kill the dreamer The dreamer will revive You can kill the dreamer The dream is still alive The picture of you was so cold, hard and true So violently silent but still breaking through all the fences and the walls so strongly calls For our compassion calling for action Into eternity... You can kill… (x2) __________ Med en trygg och jämlik utbildning byggs ett tryggt och jämlikt samhälle! Denna musikvideo är en hyllning till Martin Luther King, jr och andra förespråkare för medborgerliga och mänskliga rättigheter. Jag hoppas att lyssnaren inspireras att stå upp mot ojämlikhet och rasism. Ingen kan göra allt men alla kan börja med att fokusera på en sak. Skänk gärna en slant, kanske till något av mina förslag nedan. Men framför allt, stå upp för dem som inte kan göra det själva. Tala ut när någon kränks eller diskrimineras! Friends: ... Malala Fund: Equal Education Fund: En ny kampanj startas på sociala medier varje år på Martin Luther King-dagen. Årets fokus ligger på säker och likvärdig utbildning!
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