The Sound Of Thunder

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This whent on for at least an hour... no rain, rare lightning but powerful thunder sound almost non stop... continuously rumbling and cracking... some thunder shot were so loud that I could hear and feel the house vibrate... Too bad my little digital still camera cannot capture the full audio spectrum and it is in mono because to my ears, it sounds amzingly powerfull and impressive... This litle video has been captured in my backyard so there is nothing fancy or spectacular about the video. It's mainly for sound. I'm sorry about the camera noises that sometime happend when I was capturing the event. This was captured on the fly with a 200$ picture camera in video mode so please consider this when listening to the clip. This video is 10 minutes long so don't tell me it was a waste of your time watching it. If you like thunder sound, here you go ! My camera also only takes 3 minutes of video at a time. That is why in the final video, you are going to see image mixing and not showing the same position. At , you can see in slow motion a lightning strike and hear the bang a couple second after. That was the only lightning I was able to capture. Hope you enjoy !
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