1 HOUR sleep music with ALARM BELLS: ☯ Drippy Rain & Thunder power nap

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1 HOUR sleep music with ALARM BELLS: ☯ Drippy Rain & Thunder power nap ☾ This 1-hour power nap video has a dark screen and alarm bells at the end to help you wake up. This power hour may be just what you need for increased energy and study focus. ➝Jump to a 45 MINUTE power nap time. Click here: ➝Jump to a 30 MINUTE power nap time. Click here: ➝Jump to a 15 MINUTE power nap time. Click here: Want to jump ahead and hear the alarm bells? Click here: SleepDroid Studios can be your new source for relaxing sleep and relaxation focused sounds on the internet. I mainly focus on 10 hour long sleep and relaxation sounds and videos, but I also have some fantastic 1 hour power hour ~ power nap music. ►See all of my POWER HOUR ~ POWER NAP videos here: ► ☯ Check out my website for DOWNLOADABLE MP3 FILES. They are the perfect length for burning to your own sleep music CD collection. ☯ Check out my free Android Apps: ♥ You really should subscribe to my channel. How great would that be? I would also love to hear from you. Leave me a comment. It is easy. Heck, even clicking the "like" button would be nice. This power nap sleep sound recorded and copyrighted© by me: SleepDroid Studios. ⛱ ➝ Feel free to comment with other types of power nap with alarm sleep sounds you would like to hear. 1 hour power nap trickling water? Power nap dripping water sleep music? Rainstorm power nap sleep music? City noise power nap music with alarm? power napping pirate sleep noises? Box fan power nap music for sleep? 10 Hour Aquarium HD Videos? Increase energy with bird sound power nap music? Does the sound of rain and thunder increase your energy? Tell me! ✉
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