Hilarious Moment A Owl flies through church after delivering wedding rings and smashes into a window

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That wasn't very wise! Unfortunate moment owl flies through church after delivering wedding rings - only to smash head-first into a window Owl named Max presumably nailed first part of his job in delivering rings Bird went to leave church and was filmed by guests flying towards doors It then decided to try and escape through the window but collided with it Video shows owl hitting glass with a thud before falling to sound of gasps The owl was supposed to glide in to the church during the wedding service and deliver the rings before elegantly returning to the outside world. But after presumably nailing the first part of its job, the bird became a little overwhelmed when faced with the prospect of leaving. Filming its imminent departure were a number of excited guests at the ceremony, which is believed to have taken place in the US. It then flies straight into the pane of glass and collides with it head-on. People in the room can be heard gasping in shock as a loud thud is heard and the owl falls from the air before landing on the ground. It is not known how badly the owl injured itself in the collision. The video was actually captured in 2015 and only recently went viral after it was posted to the internet.
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