1 Hour of Relaxing Music and Forest Music

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Tracklist and other info : Buy our music here : iTunes : Bandcamp : Amazon mp3 : Listen to our music on Spotify: Spotify (Derek) : Spotify (Brandon) : *** Tracklist : – Echoing Woods – Healing Elves – Whispering Oaks – Unicorns of Silverpath – Waltz of the Forest Nymphs – Forest of Forgetfulness – Emerald Fairies – Forest Centaurs – Glow of the Fairies – Pixie Wings – Sapphire Lake – Mossy Lands – Tribal Dryads – Tribe of the Lost Rainforest – Mushroom Swamp – The Benevolent Wolf Pack – Shadow Wisps – Elves of the Dark Moon – Hobbit Festival These beautiful pictures are from Codive (1st pic), Ireen Trummer (2nd pic), ArtsyBee (3rd pic), Unsplash (4th pic), Vlynn (5th pic), and k_r_craft. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. * The idea for The Benevolent Wolf Pack is from Tammy Doherty/MoscoMoon who commissioned us to compose it for her website. Here is a link to it below: Artwork for the Forest of Secrets CD is found here. ~ All music is composed by Derek and Brandon Fiechter ~
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