Relaxing Celtic Music - Autumn Forest

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You can get the song here, together with all my other music: You can also support me and my music directly on Patreon if you wish: Facebook: iTunes: Bandcamp: Real CD's: Twitter: The four seasons are finally complete, after making relaxing songs for Spring, Summer and Winter now Autumn finally joins. =) I actually fell asleep while I test-listened to this song after it was done, so it's either really relaxing or really boring. xD I always heard people say that „Evening Breeze" was already kind of the „Autumn" song but I never saw it that way to be honest (the only thing that made it seem autumny was the video artwork^^). I always knew that when I make an Autumn song I want to make it much more melancholic and steady than Evening Breeze, which I did now with this. I used much more strings and a steady drum beat. However I just couldn't resist to make the kind of lively melody at around . xD Composed and arranged 100% by myself on keyboard, as always. The artwork was made by this great artist: © All audio material is copyrighted by Adrian von Ziegler.
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