Hawk's Nest Reverb-a-echo

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The Hawk's Nest Reverb-a-echo is a 3 in 1 effect. Reverb plus 2 delays with added modulation. Each channel can be used individually or together. Handmade in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The 3 knob reverb (Mix, tone, trails) can go from a small room sound to a full cavernous wave. Each delay circuit has the standard controls: Level - volume of the repeats Time - delay time FB - feedback or repeats. Pushing the feedback past 12 o clock will cause the delay circuit to self oscillate (repeat on itself). PLUS an added tone control for each delay channel. Tone - this controls the eq for the repeats only. Go from bright digital to very warm analog style repeats. The Delay channel on the right (D1) has an added MODULATION control which can be turned on and off via a foot switch. The modulation allows for vibrato and pitch bending tones by adjusting the time control internally via and optical LFO circuit. There are 2 controls for the modulation. Speed and depth. There are a TON of possibilities with the Hawk's Nest Reverb-a-echo and the demo video only begins to scratch the surface of it's capabilities. Every aspect of this custom pedal was chosen by the customer, Tom B. From the layout, to the graphic image, to the sound of the circuits! To order your own custom pedal please contact
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