BLUE HORIZONS in 4K (nature sounds music) Relaxation Video - Color Healing

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DOWNLOAD/DVD @ | ABOUT: Part 1 of a new series of Color Therapy videos designed for healing use in treatment against dis-ease, "Blue Horizons" features a diverse set of strikingly blue nature video scenes from places like Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, and California. It includes the pure natures sounds blended with a custom written ambient track by Travis Revell -more info below. ABOUT THE COLOR BLUE: The color blue has a cooling, and soothing effect upon the nervous system, and upon the bloody and bodily organs. "Turquoise is cerebrally calming, and is an effective color for sound sleep. Blue stimulates intuitive powers and is a vitality builder, and is also said to help activate the pineal gland as it is the color of the spirit." -From the book Color Medicine by C. Klotsche* ABOUT THE MUSIC: "A lot of the sounds used are organice meaning they are real instruments being played in different ways to create unique sounds. The sound that sounds kinda like a whale with the pitch bending is an electric guitar recordered in a cathedral using a violin bow. All of the music is tuned to 432HZ for added healing."-Travis Revell. See the full collection of Travis Revell music videos at: ... ABOUT THE VIDEO: Filmed on the Canon 1DC, this video is available in Ultra High Definition 4K - although this version shown is downscaled to 1080p HD. All videos were filmed by David Huting over the course of the last two years, and are available at .
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