World of Warcraft Ambience Music [for relaxing evenings] (mixed by Douglas Howarth)

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So, this is something I wanted to do in a while. Inspired by Skyrim: Atmospheres (which I highly recommend even if you haven't played the game), I decided to make something similar from my much beloved WoW music. All of my favourite pieces from the game have been mixed together along with background ambiences from different places from the Azeroth to create a 45 minute soothing journey throughout the world of Warcraft. Everything was stiched together in Ableton Live. Here's the tracklist: 1. - The Draenei of Azuremyst 2. - Borean Tundra and the Kalu'ak 3. - Wintergrasp 4. - Violets of Crystalsong 5. - The Grizzly and the Hills 6. - Howling Fjord 7. - Terrokar Forest 8. - Flux in Netherstorm 9. - Shattarah Each of the 'segments' has been compiled from thematic collection of songs written by Blizzard for the specific area. I really hope this will help you relax after a long day just as it helps me, and will make a solid summary of all this music that wasn't released on the OSTs and sits within in-game files separately. © All sound files used in the mix are property of Activision Blizzard. Huge thanks to all of Blizzard composers for writing such an amazing music throughout the years.
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