Birds At Rainforest With Beautiful Bird Songs

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This is a collection of some rare birds which you cannot see often. It was very difficult to film and spot them with so much of the lush green from the huge wide spread trees around. Some places were dark and you couldn't even see the sky. Also there were lots of leeches and once when I looked at my leg there were about 10 and it was an unpleasant sight. :)) So therefore I didn't film very much inside the forest as I was concerned about this!! Bcz of this I was able to enjoy the amazing nature in the forest. It is unbelievable to hear the sounds of a Rainforest with so much of unusual calls and the richness of various different sounds.This journey was unforgettable for me bcz I still could feel the sensation of this forest.. I had a great chance to film 2 endemic birds in Sri lanka which were The Black-capped Bulbul & Sri lanka Hanging Parrot (Ceylon Lorikeet ). The Ceylon Lorikeet is the smallest member of Sri lanka's parrot family and unfortunately you will see them only for a few seconds. You will also see in this video as follows, Endemic Black-capped Bulbul & Ceylon Lorikeet, Paradise flycatchers, Tickell's Blue Flycatcher, Drongo-Cuckoo, Lesser Yellownape & Greater Flameback. The Tickell's Blue Flycatcher was more close to a border village and therefore you will hear them talking :)... I will just mention below the names of the rare bird calls at each capture for your information so that you could identify them from their calls. In Endemic Black-capped Bulbul scenes ============================== 1- Endemic Yellow-fronted Barbet ( Yellow-fronted Barbet is an Asian barbet which is an endemic resident breeder in Sri lanka ) 2- The purple-faced leaf monkey Endemic Ceylon Lorikeet scenes ========================= 1- A bunch of Ceylon Lorikeet 2-Yellow-fronted Barbet Paradise flycatchers scenes ===================== 1- Amazing singing bird- Couldn't find the name 2-A pair of Endemic Green-billed Coucal ( It is endemic to Sri lanka a rare and shy species of the tall rainforests of southwest Sri lanka.) Tickell's Blue Flycatcher scenes ======================== 1-Tickell's Blue Flycatcher calls 2-The purple-faced leaf monkey 3-Unknown singing bird amazingly from 3.22 -3.42 The Drongo-Cuckoo itself only ======================= Lesser Yellownape scenes ==================== 1- Drongos with Yellow-fronted Barbet & Lorikeet 2- Endemic The Sri lanka Grey Hornbill - ( A widespread and common endemic resident breeder in Sri lanka) 3-Endemic Jungle Fowl Greater Flameback scenes ===================== 1-Endemic Brown-capped Babbler ( Is an endemic resident breeding bird in Sri lanka and its habitat is forest undergrowth and thick scrub. 2-Endemic Sri lanka Spurfowl ( Is a member of the pheasant family which is endemic to the dense rainforests of Sri lanka) 3-Malabar Trogon At last with this short journey I could film 2 endemic birds and 6 endemic calls of birds and it was a very special event in my bird journeys :) All my videos filmed by me so far are original captures and sound recordings. I hope that you will appreciate more the bird sounds than the bird captures:)
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