Music for Deep Sleep - Healing Power of the Hang - Sleep Music

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Album available at iTunes: and Amazon: and our website Inner Splendor Media is proud to announce the newest production by Music for Deep Sleep: Tender Lullaby - The Healing and Relaxing Power of The Hang, featuring Ann Malone. Discover the soothing tones of the Hang, a new steel drum-like instrument that creates a unique, relaxing tapestry of sound. Gentle nature including a rainforest, a distant thunderstorm, a babbling brook and quiet ocean waves play in the background as the Hang's singular melodies ring out, embodying characteristics of the bells, gong and harp. Ann Malone's supple instrumental textures will deliver you to a space of calm, inner quiet, and deep relaxation, making this music ideal for sleep. In addition to eight gorgeous Hang pieces, this CD includes a track of sacred vocal sound cleansing featuring Ann Malone's beautiful multi-octave voice. Music lovers across the world praise the Hang for its divine combination of melody, rhythm and ringing drone. Enjoy this collection of new work from a leading voice in the instrument. Track 1 Jazz - Hang and Guitar with Rainforest Sounds Track 2 Forgotten Seasons - Healing Voices and Sacred Sound Cleansing Track 3 Rainbow Lullaby - The Beauty and the Majesty of the Rainforest and Hang Track 4 Gentle Thunderstorm with Ocean Waves and Hang Drum Track 5 Falling into Bliss - Rainforest Waterfall Relaxation Track 6 Meditation on Tranquility - The Hang with Ocean Waves Track 7 Morning Rain with Crickets and Hang Track 8 Essence of Being - Ocean Waves with Hang Track 9 Sleepy Time - Gentle Brook with Soothing Sound of the Hang Produced by Ann Malone and Vidura Barrios for Inner Splendor Media
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