Quantum Animation Explained - The Source & Process of All Creation

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'Quantum Animation Explained' with Amitai Angor, Sole Creator & Artist of AA VFX's Youtube Channel. Watch incrediable math art that was extracted from a quantum creation method called the: "3D QGGM" *Becuase the Voice was recorded in stereo, it will not be available in old cellular mono phones. Check the original presentation: ... Evolution and Creationism debates came to end. The Big Bang explained and a divine creation method is revealed with exposing the creation method of a highest knowledge- Quantum physics art. You're about to watch a revolutionary worldwide discovery I've made regarding the origin of Earth and life itself. For over a year i've been using an unknown method of visual imagery, that led me to find an amazing truth about our reality, our nature and source of being. All you are seeing are mathematical images that were extracted from The "3D Quantum Graphic Generator" method, These are not premade 3D graphical models. DONATE for the continuance of the project: ... From the presentation: "... I've successfully achieved generating over thousands of overwhelming high quality 3d mathematical images that look alike real life elements from nothing but an enclosed numeric system. " ..."I call potential investors that have considerable financial resources To contact me and to form a team of scientists to prefect and improve the method by creating a designated software to deal more efficiently with the current findings." "The 3D quantum graphic generator method is a unique way of understanding our nature, our reality and our source of being, and is the first comprehensive scientific method that actually proofs the existence of a supreme creator." Original ambient music track by: Parishorizon (Thank you!) (C) 2016 All rights reserved to Amitai Angor Business inquiries:
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