2 Hours Chillout in the Forest, Relax in Nature, Meditation, Binatural beats

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Welcome to Zenscapes, here you will find great tunes for Meditation, relaxation, study focus and more mind tools for the evolving spirit. We would love your feedback and thoughts. Help us provide a better spiritual experience. Please check our google+: Love, Share and Subscribe here: This Video: 2 Hours of Forest Chillout,Ideal for relaxing, working, Concentration. Binatural beats. You can use headphones or speakers, play it on a calm and relaxing environment for a better experience. Zenscapes is the youtube expression of the most effective mind tools. The videos and playlists contain a wide array of tested tunes that you can use daily. They cover key objectives and can be used for relaxation, meditation, spiritual work, study and self-healing. The videos include Isochronic tones, that are regular pulses of a sound frequency that are used with monaural and binatural beats. Popular search tags: aandacht, akashic record, alpha, adhd, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anthroposophy, astral projection, atenção, atención, acupuncture, attention, attention, attenzione, aufmerksamkeit, aura work, background music, brainwaves, binatural beats, biofeedback, biofeedback therapy, bodhisattva , buddha, creativity, caballa, chacra, chakra music, chakra meditation, channeling, chill music, chill tones, christ, concentracção, concentración, concentratie, concentration, consciousness revolution, dao, daoism, deep meditation, de-stress music, esoteric, estudio, estudo, gaia, gedächtnis, genezing, gnose, gnosis, gnostic, guarigione, healing music, healing sounds, heilung, holistic, holistic earth, hukommelse, human potential movement , instrumental music, kabala, koncentration, konsentrasjon, kundalini, läkning, lightwork, maitreya, mandala, mantra, massage music, massage, meditação, meditación, meditasie, meditasjon, meditasjon, melodie, meditatie, meditation, meditation for slee, meditation techniques, méditation, meditazione, mémoire, memoria, memória, memory, mind work, mindcraft, music for studing, music for study, musica, música, musica para estudar, música para estudar, musik, musikk, musique, muziek, mедитација, mедита́ция, mедитацията, new age music, new age tunes, new age-musikk, new-age music, new-age tones, nature, nature sounds, nirvana, Nýaldartónlist, obe, astral music, paceful music, planetary citizens, pranayama, positive, precognition, psychic birth, qaballah, quantum healing, reiki music, relaxation, relax, relax music, relax tones, relax tunes, relaxação, relaxation, relaxing music, relaxing sounds, second life, self-healing, self-help, self-realization, stress managment, sensitive, shaman, spa, sleeping music, soul work, slow music, soft tunes, solar logos, soothing music, soothing tunes, spirit guide, shiatsu, spiritual work, spiritual gifts, studie, study focus, study music, tao, taoism, telepathy, terra, third eye, tranquil music, tranquil sounds, unipaz, unstress tunes, uppmärksamhet, veda, yoga, yoga music, youtube music, zen music, מדיטציה, ध्यान, 冥想, 新世纪音乐, 注意
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