Rainforest and Wildlife in Sarapiqui, Costa Rica

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Sounds and sights of the rainforest at La Selva Estación Biológica in Costa Rica in May 2007. Lots of animals too, including iguanas and monkeys high in the tree tops. I direct Arizona State University's fabulous Costa Rica & Central American Studies summer study abroad program. Students study intensive Spanish in an immersion environment, live with Costa Rican host families, travel around this beautiful country, and learn all about Costa Rica in its Central American context. Come join our program next summer! The ASU program is hosted by a wonderful language and culture center in San José, called Comunicare . Contact Comunicare to set up a program for your university or high school. Join us on Facebook too! Costa Rica & Central American Studies Summer Study Abroad Program, and Comunicare Costa Rica. All images and sound taken with a small digital camera, edited together with iMovie. Some sound and image have been rearranged, so don't take this as a 'documentary' of the rainforest.
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