2 Hours Sleeping Music Shumann Resonance

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What you are listening to right now is a 7.83 Hz Shumann Resonance. This is the same sound the earth makes and the same frequency for Alpha brainwaves. I think this sound may be the reason why we feel so darned good when we get outside or open out doors and windows in the spring. Normal range of human hearing is between 20 and 20,000 hertz so this tone is inaudible. This is why I have added these other tones and sounds of assorted frequencies to help you relax and sleep. The 7.83 hz tone is much louder than the music so you can listen to it quietly and still get the effect. It fades out during the second hour to prevent you from having alpha wave intrusion during your delta wave sleep. I hope this helps you fall asleep feeling happy and relaxed or you could listen to it, or use it as background music, any time you would like to clear your mind and feel better. Enjoy.
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