Data Center White Noise | 1000s of Fans | For Sleep or Focus | 10 Hours

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Buy Data Center MP3: Inside a data center hosting a bajillion teraflops worth of your Instagram selfies, thousands of fans keep the computers from overheating. This multitude of fans emits a tidal wave of white noise. Enjoy the sonic pleasure produced from someone else's million-dollar electricity bill. If you fell down a YouTube rabbit hole and are wondering how on earth you landed here and why the heck would anyone listen to this, you're probably not alone. Here's a bit about what you're listening to: This 10 hour track of soothing white noise masks distracting sounds to help you sleep better or focus while studying. The sound will calm your mind which, in turn, is a key step to either sleep or concentration. The video is ten hours long so that, if you choose to use it for sleep, you can sleep deeply and not be woken up by extraneous noises in the night. The sound can also provide relief from tinnitus. Depending on how you choose to use this video, you'll enjoy the benefits of relaxation, focus, deeper sleep and/or freedom from outside distractions. © Relaxing White Noise LLC, 2016. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.
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