Foley DIY Tutorial: Winter Sound FX, ice, snow, wind, fire, skiing, snowboarding, slipping

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DIY Foley, sound fx and foley sounds series. We teach you how to make these sounds and then we give you the sounds for free! If there are sound effects you want so see (hear) in the future please request them in the comments section! To download an effect click on it in the group. Then towards the top click the download link, an arrow with a line beneath it. Tell me if you have any problems and I'll send you a guide or a direct link. See below for links to sound effects: [Ambient] Winter Wind 01 [Environment] Crackling Fire [Walking] Snow [Environment] Ice/Glass Breaking/Forming [Vehicle] Skiing, Snowboarding [Walking] Slipping, Sliding p.s. if anyone has suggestions for a good upload sight that allows description, unlimited upload, free download links, and is friendly to sounds please tell me. Sound cloud has a two hour limit which may last me 10 or 15 episodes max.
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