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Get this sound with YouTube MP3jam TWITTER! @TheOrthobox Dharni and Tom Thum: Welcome Back to YOU Can Beatbox! Today, after a yearlong hiatus, the tutorials are back. This tutorial is going to lay out 2 basic methods for the trumpet sound so let’s kick things off. In general, the trumpet sound goes a little like this [demo]. To really hear the potential of this sound, check out beatboxers and youtubers like Tom Thum and Dharni for the potential of this sound. I linked to a great video below showing the two of them jamming and showing some cool uses for the trumpet sound. But now for the two techniques for the trumpet sound. Both techniques make use of falsetto singing, also known as your head voice. Check out the siren tutorial for further explanation of falsetto singing but for the trumpet just know that you want to use a high voice so that you get the trumpet sound. Technique #1 involves trying to sing through the side of your mouth, which means you just close off most of your mouth except one side. Pick a side. But not the left one. I’m totally kidding pick whichever one is more comfortable for you. Then, using falsetto singing, try and sound like a trumpet. There are a few tricks but I’ll get to those after technique #2. Aaandd technique #2 is like this [half smile]. Place your teeth on your lips. Now, you can either put your top teeth on your lower lip like this [demo], or your bottom teeth on your upper lip like this. I learned this technique from Tom Thum himself, who, in my opinion, has the most realistic and best sounding trumpet of any beatboxer. He does the top teeth on the bottom lip but I also discovered that the bottom teeth on the lower lip can produce a solid sounding trumpet as well. To me, the bottom teeth choice looks a little weird compared to the top teeth method, which kind of looks like a smile, but we’re going for sound not looks so kick it whichever way gets you a sound your happy with. So those are the two techniques. Now, you might wondering, trumpets change notes by changing the valves right? And, anonymous questioner, you are correct. To get change of notes like a trumpet you have two options: either be precise in your falsetto singing to make the notes sound good or use your tongue to get a distinct note [demo both]. Another cool extension of the trumpet sound is that it allows you to mimic other instruments as well. Remember how I told you to use your falsetto voice? Well if you use the mouth positioning options we already learned but use a lower singing voice, you can sound like a trombone, baritone horn or tuba. These a tougher to match exactly but the potential is there. Aaanndd that wraps things up for the trumpet sound. As always, comment with tips, comments or questions you may have in the comments section down below. And if you liked this tutorial dont forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. This has been YOU Can beatbox and next time we’ll be learning lip rolls.
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