WHITE NOISE Electric Storm in Hell [not quite Full Album]

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most of their first album, 1969 -- cobbled together from what i found on utube CD is (now) available e.g. from (and not even expensive!) -- so maybe one of you could do us the favor and upload the Full Album (which is no longer possible on my account) ?! 1. "Love Without Sound" (Derbyshire/Vorhaus) 2. "My Game of Loving" (Duncan/Vorhaus) ?? 3. "Here Come the Fleas" (McDonald/Vorhaus) ? 4. "Firebird" (Derbyshire/Vorhaus) ? 5. "Your Hidden Dreams" (McDonald/Vorhaus) ? 6. "The Visitation" (McDonald/Vorhaus) --INCOMPLETE: only ~3min of "" 7. "The Black Mass: An Electric Storm in Hell" (White Noise) ?
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