Buerger's frog - Amazing water sound and kajika frog

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The Ryukyu Kajika frog, Japanese Buerger's frog, or Japanese stream treefrog (Buergeria japonica) is a species of frog in the Rhacophoridae family. It is found in the Ryukyu Islands (Japan) and in Taiwan Buergeria japonica is a common species that occurs in a wide variety of habitats (rivers, intermittent rivers, freshwater marshes, intermittent freshwater marshes, freshwater springs, geothermal wetlands, irrigated land, and canals and ditches). It is locally threatened by habitat loss Buergeria japonica normally breed in slow-moving water in ditches and small streams. However, some Taiwanese populations also breed in geothermal hot springs. In this habitat, frogs can breed throughout the year. Another advantage is that high temperature facilitates growth; furthermore, competition may be reduced in this unusual habitat.[4] Tadpoles can tolerate water temperatures up to about 42 °C (108 °F), however, few tadpoles enter areas of pools where temperature exceeds 37 °C (99 °F).[5] frog frogs frog habitat frog facts tree frogs frog information frogs habitat frogs and toads the frog frogs facts com frog frogs information frog facts for kids the frogs species of frogs frog habitats information on frogs frog diet frog designs all frogs frogs diet facts on frogs frog information for kids frogs for kids frogs facts for kids frog species frog log in frog protection frog info green tree frogs frog s frog home green frogs frog habitat facts a frog frogs habitats info on frogs frogs and toads facts toads and frogs frog website frogs habitat facts all about frogs frog amphibian frog habitats for kids frog fact information of frogs species of frog information of frog facts of frogs a frog habitat amphibians frogs frogs habitat information where frogs live interesting frog facts frog habitat information information frogs facts about frogs frogs of the world frogs home information about frogs frogs amphibians frogs facts and information frogs info frog websites frog for kids frog facts and information different frogs frogs natural habitat frogs life about frogs frog features habitat of a frog and the frog frog design products habitat of frogs find frogs frogs habitats facts information on frog frog at home information of a frog frogs and their habitat frog predators frog animals frogs species design frog habitat for a frog frog information and facts can frog frogs fact the habitat of a frog frogs design frog facts kids facts frogs wild frogs frog fun frog sites home of frog click the frog frogs information and facts animals frogs habitat of the frog frogs ecosystem amphibian frog about frog frogs information for kids frog site frogs habitat for kids frog information for children interesting frog facts for kids frog phylum frog info for kids frog and frog kids fun frog facts for kids kids the frog frog design frog interactive toads and frogs facts frogs kids frog facts for children information on frogs for kids www.frog frogs for children frog environment were frogs live frog enemies go frog the frogs musical habitats of frogs order of frogs and toads what the frog where frog live where can frogs be found frogs information for children information on frogs for children frogs habitat facts for kids find frog kids frog frog natural habitat home frog frogs and amphibians facts on frogs for kids
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