Reaper Tutorial: Using The Auto Trim/Split Tool

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Audio Recording Tutorials For Reaper: - This video shows you how to automate and really speed up the splitting of one long audio file into many smaller ones and then moving them around to create a series of several audio files. This is really handy if you are creating a conversation between two or more characters for, say, an audio book or some other voice-over recording project. It is also great for voice-over jobs that call for the creating of PowerPoint (or Keynote for Mac) presentations or videos where several small bits of narration need to be saved with their own separate file names. The Auto Trim/Split tool in Reaper will, at the push of one button, split a long audio file into several smaller ones, while also trimming each new audio item so that there isn't extra silence before or after each one. From there, you can either space them out with a set amount of time in between each item, or you can save each audio with its own unique file name. This is a very powerful and useful little-known tool in Reaper.
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