ALS IceBucketChallenge at Exeter College Oxford

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Alon: here is my response to your #ALS Challenge. In return I challenge Σωτηρης Μπαντουβάνος, Petros Kokkalis and David Mayer De Rothschild's Supporters & Fans (just David - all his fans is against the rules I guess ) Mentions of Michael Genlel Hawk Herman, Efrat Ben-Eliezer and אפרת כרמי are also mentioned in this (long) video... After the shower the sound quality degrades so I will post the transcript below. Many thanks to Mahima Mitra for taking the video. Cheers! From the duration of my movie it will be easy to tell that this video won’t be as short and sharp as the execution of an IDF commando like yourself! It will be more… er… Greek style… rather philosophical. Here we are at Exeter College Oxford, that this year celebrated its 700th Anniversary. As you may recall, at the 2011 Conference on ALS organised by IsrALS at the Weizzman Institute of Science where we first met the Keynote speaker was Siamon Gordon the Professor of Pathology at both Oxford and the Rockefeller Universities, who is an Emeritus fellow of our College; if I opted to become a member of this College is by and large attributed to him and the discussions we had together in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv and the subsequent correspondence. I grateful to Sotos for introducing us, and for your hospitality during that conference. You made it extra special, by organising my visit to Israel’s, if not the worlds, strongest man… who, as far as I am concerned, is no other than our friend Michael Herman, the longest living ALS patient- as he deals with his illness for nearly two decades and he is lighthouse of hope to all ALS patients and their families. Given this background I couldn’t refuse your challenge and will attempt to perform the task with the seriousness any game deserves. So here goes my rant: I am not going to talk as the son of an ALS patient, who experienced 24X7 for nearly two years what all caregivers have to through until my dad’s death. I am going to talk as a person who has 1:7 chances in developing this illness himself. As you also know my work here is not completely unrelated with the endeavour of expediting the discovery of both the cause and the cure as we hope to expedite the transfer of meaningful communication across a number of domains, inclusive of the Medical domain.
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