Relaxing and Emotional Final Fantasy VIII Music

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Social media: For studying, sleeping, crying, or whatever else you plan to do~ Ahhh...I remember the times my weeaboo self would devour Squinoa fanfiction during high school. Such nostalgia. Anyways~ Song List (time stamps to come): 1. Fisherman's Horizon (orchestrated) 2. Salt Flats 3. Trust Me 4. Roses and Wine 5. Julia 6. Love Grows (remastering by symphonicremasters) 7. My Mind 8. Breezy 9. Blue Fields (orchestrated) 10. The Successor (remastering by symphonicremasters) 11. Ami (piano collections) 12. Balamb Garden/Ami (orchestrated) 13. Fragments of Memories (orchestrated) 14. Eyes on Me (piano collections)
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