Neuro - Acoustically speaking... When A Water Droplet Is Exposed to Sound Frequencies - Gregg Braden

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See Sacred Geometry Patterns Showing Up In A Droplet Of Water When Exposed To Various Sound Frequencies And Threshold Resonances. Thought & Emotion And Feeling Are Vibration Patterns That Are Mirrored In Vibrational Patterns In The Liquid Crystals Of Our Body. What Thoughts, Emotions And Feelings Are You Exposing Yourself Too... Or Creating? What Vibrational Patterns Are Showing Up In Your Body's Water... Your Dna? I'm Enjoying The Exploration Of The Variety Of Music Available To Us These Days For Assisting Us In Shifting Our Vibrational Patterns To A Higher Level Of Expression. This Video Is A Clear Scientific Example Showing The Effect Of Vibrational Frequencies On Every Single Cell In Our Bodies, Our Dna And Beyond. I'm Also Enjoying The Free Tools Available Through Heartmath For Assising Us In Entraining Ourselves To Higher Frequencies Of Thought, Emotion And Feeling. Thus Mirroring Flower Of Life Crystals In Water Molecules As Well. Thanks Heartmath : - ) For More Information About Gregg Braden: For More Information About Heartmath: ________________________________________­_______________ Your invited ! Below are links to websites hosting positive social global change 12.21.12 December 21, 2012. December 21st through 23rd, 2012 - World Unity will launch its very own online HD television broadcast channel featuring cutting-edge content and media with a 3 day webcast of global healing events. ________________________________________­_______________ Synthesis 2012 Festival December 21st through 23rd, 2012 - We are happy to announce that Synthesis 2012, A Mayan Calendar Celebration in Chichen Itza and Piste Pueblo, will be our first broadcast on live intenet webcasts. ________________________________________­_______________ December 21st through 23rd, 2012 - "Waves of Unity" refer to times when we all unify globally with shared practices. Follow link below for the minute-by-minute Birth 2012 broadcast schedule. ________________________________________­_______________ December 21st through 23rd, 2012 - Welcome to Shift Movement, an online community created by The Shift Network! You're in the right place if you are ready to be part of a community of change agents committed to evolving ourselves and our world.
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