Relax with Soothing Sounds of the Sea-Nature Sounds-Meditation-Relaxation

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HD Audio And Video Downloads. Listen and view anywhere anytime, no need for internet, and there are absolutely no ads. Below are a few ideas you might consider if you are feeling anxious or down in yourself. I believe it is worth repeating these few tips from a previous video. Quiet Time can be a Blissful Experience Get into the habit of taking time out for yourself on a daily basis, whether through reading a good book, yoga, meditation, daily prayer, a walk in the open air or even a warm bath. This will help you feel calmer and more at peace with yourself and the world. Time out helps you to see the big picture and can prevent you from letting the daily stressers of life get you down. Even if just for 15 minutes a day, quiet time can help transform your state of mind and assists you in retaining control over your life. Set Yourself Goals It doesn't really matter if you set yourself a small goal or a big goal, but whatever it is, try to work towards it, day by day, little by little. Be realistic in the goals you set for yourself, don't take on something in the beginning that could overwhelm you. Spending time wandering aimlessly and without purpose creates a sense of unease and frustration, contributing significantly to feelings of depression and anxiety. Even a goal as simple as "I will lose six pounds in the next three months", "I will take a 10 minute walk this week". These are a good start and a way to get you on the right path. If you dedicate yourself to something that has personal significance to you, you are more likely to follow it through and your life will have more direction and focus. Talk to People, Any People Many people suffering from depression can feel lonely, alone, and unloved. They can go for days or sometimes even weeks without having a conversation with another person. This degree of isolation exponentially worsens mood. The mere act of talking to another person, of opening your mouth and letting words come out, can lift mood instantly. Say hi to the friendly clerk at the grocery store or the person standing next to you in the bus queue, or casually compliment someone on their outfit, or just smile at a stranger. Notice how you feel better instantly! Stop Living Someone Else's Life Often, depression occurs when we wake up one day and realize we aren't living our own dreams but are instead trying to please our parents, our spouse, our children, or our friends. Remember, your life is your own, you are the sole creator or destroyer of it, no one else. If you need to set boundaries or disengage with certain negative influences in your life, so be it. Developing the courage to follow our own life's journey has a way of lifting our spirits and reducing feelings of being trapped and "stuck," two of the leading causes of depression and anxiety. Exercise Regularly and Eat Healthily You all know the expression "You are what you eat". There is a lot of truth in this, our physical bodies are for the most part built from the raw materials our bodies extract from our food. The better the quality and the more natural the food we eat the healthier we will be. Our bodies are physical bodies and as such require a level of physicality to function at their greatest potential. This does not mean we have to attain the level of fitness a competing athlete requires, it rather means a good all-round fitness, mixing and varying what we do, from walking to cycling, housework to gardening, running to swimming. Work within your own bodies capability. If you require further information about any of the above there will be several professionals in your area who will be able to give you the information, good luck with your journey and enjoy. © Johnnie Lawson. All rights reserved. Relax with Soothing Sounds of the Sea-Nature Sounds-Meditation-Relaxation Channel :- Video :-
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