Tony Woodcock on Musical Entrepreneurship: Career Planning (Part II)

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The Reina Sofia School of Music, Madrid Tony Woodcock on Musical Entrepreneurship February 23, 2016 “What on earth is Musical Entrepreneurship and how can it help me practice?” This Lecture is about life after College and a brand new program that the Conservatoire is creating for the next academic year, which will help you launch yourself into the professional world. This means finding work and beginning a career. It will introduce for discussion some of the basis questions that you will need to consider such as: How do you plan a career? What skills do you need? Do you need additional non-musical skills and if so what are they? If you play really well won’t you just get a job anyway? The Lecture will be interactive in nature and it will talk about the skills, knowledge and disposition that a young musician needs to have in order to succeed in the contemporary world. And this can best be described as possessing the entrepreneurial spirit of being a musician. This is an Introduction to a new program and is being presented to give a flavor of what the course will include, from Storytelling and Networking, to Marketing and Creating Your Own Entrepreneurial Project. There will be lots of opportunities to ask questions, get involved with one or two workshops, and experience the fun and possibility of being your own career manager.
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