Nature Sounds: Heavy Rain on a Tent with Thunder Sounds

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The sound of rain and thunder when you are out camping with a tent, it's one of the most relaxing and comforting things my ears can hear. Ok, it shouldn't last for days but otherwise it's just heaven! So imagine that you are in a tent and there is a big thunderstorm approaching, the thunder is closing in and the rain is getting heavier and heavier...... Enjoy! Trueno, la lluvia, tienda Donner, regen, Zelt الرعد والمطر وخيمة Donder, regen, tent Tonnerre, pluie, tente थंडर, बारिश, तम्बू pioggia, tenda tueno 雷、雨、10トン 雷,雨,帳蓬 Гром, дождь, палатка Grzmot, deszcz, namiot Åska, regn, tält yağmur, çadır gök gürültüsü
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