DC3 night flight in the rain sound - airplane sound - sleep sound - rain sound

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Your set to take a night flight on a Douglas DC3 airliner. The year is 1951 and your flight from Los Angeles to New York will take you 26 hours. It going to take a little longer for there's bad weather tonight. Rain is forecast. Boarding to airplane to take your seat and relax as the mighty engines burst into life. Taxi to the runway and before you know it your airborne and cruising the night with rain streaking past your window. The stewardess brings you a pillow and blanket and you settle down and grab some sleep. I love this new sleep sound. Its adventurous and harks back to the bygone days when travel was mysterious and airliners were still an amazing thing. Use this soundscape to help you sleep. The drone of the engines always works for me. Hope you enjoy this sleep soundscape. If you like it please like and share and don't forget to subscribe for notice of all our new videos. Thanks for listening.....Andy
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