🎧 RAIN WITH THUNDER - Relaxing Sounds of Rainstorm with Wind & Loud Thunder

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This Thunderstorm Recording has everything... Sounds of Howling winds, hard rain with a little hail and some good thunder claps! This storm was recorded on 10-25-12 and brought the first big snowstorm to the Rockies and Western Panhandle of Nebraska. This is also the same storm that will be the catalyst for Hurricane Sandy tracking up the Eastern Seaboard! Whether you're studying, meditating, sleeping or suffering from tinnitus, this Thunderstorm recording will help you relax and forget your worries. This is a short 26 minute sample of some beautiful hour long nature recordings I have available on my website. To view and listen to all the different nature albums I have to offer, please visit me at: ► If you enjoy my sounds and want to be notified when new ones arrive, be sure to Subscribe! ****************************************­************************** I've been recording high quality nature sounds for over 27 years for my own personal use. When I first started, nature recordings didn't exist and when these type of recordings finally hit the market, they were so overly compressed & attenuated it didn't even remotely sound natural! All of my recordings are captured in nature as it happens. None of my recordings have been "Computer Generated" or are short segments looped together. I have traveled to some of the most remote areas of the world to capture my nature sounds, only to find jets flying overhead or a train off in the distance blowing a horn. It is virtually impossible to capture a clean recording without the "Hand of Man" being heard. To remove these sounds would take some serious computer manipulation and destroy the integrally of the recording! Being a purest... what you hear is what you get... just like the real world. ****************************************­************************* If you enjoy these sounds and want to help be a part of preserving "Earth's Natural SoundScape"... then please click on the link below and donate. Your generous contribution helps make it possible for me to continue capturing these sounds that are quickly disappearing from our Natural SoundScape! ► I hope you enjoy this beautiful recording as much as I have in recording them!!! Brian Knight Sounds by Knight BPK Inc. ****************************************­************************** Follow Us! ►Google + - ►SoundCloud - ►Facebook - ►Sounds by Knight -
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