A Virtual Music Box, Variation #8, Suite of 9, in E, c2003 by D.BARCH

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Introducing Variation #8, from "A Virtual Music Box". Out of all 9 variations, I have used this one to demonstrate the true uniqueness of the instrument. It's ability to render notes at high speed is unparalleled. I also challenged myself at using an obscure key, both in it's major and relative minor. This #8 Variation is original in that I have not based it on any folk melody; it's somewhat intense melodically, more so than the others. This one is more of a technical exercise compared to the others. I wanted to see how much I could get from the major and minor elements of Emaj, C. There is one left after this and they will all be found on YouTube in one playlist when complete. I composed this suite in solitude for a period of 2 years, so any comment is interesting for me to read! Humbly. D.Barch
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