Ocean Sounds , Ocean Waves Sea Waves , Stunning Sunrise on the Beach [ Sleep Music ]

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Relaxing ocean waves sounds with a FullHD Stunning Sunrise on the beach. 00:00 Still at night, starts the dawn in the horizon Good morning ! There are more light, the sky cloudy. The waves crashing peaceful waiting the sunrise. Sunrise over the ocean , you can view the sun reflected in the sand of the beach after crashing the waves. The sun ! The clouds colored in orange, red and blue. Seagulls flying around you. - Hidden sun, enjoy the relaxing sounds of the ocean The sun appears again, giving gorgeous reflections over the ocean. It's like a live wallpaper. It's like a golden ocean with a beautiful sunrise on a lonely beach. The best way to relax! The sun is up, the water is clear and pure, welcome to a new day ! Enjoy it ! Thumbs up if you liked the video and, please, share it with your friends :) Thanks ! Relaxing Music channel. Videos every week with nature sounds for your yoga meditation. You will listen piano, classical music, nature and ocean sounds, birds singing and all the universal ways to relax, meditate and clean the mind.
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