Linkin Park- In The End- Soothing, Relaxing Music

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I made this video when I was 12. My cousin found the song on a website and she shared it with me. Instantly, I was inspired by it and what came to mind was to make a video about our planet and showing its beauty. I never thought that I was going to get the reaction that it got and is still having. People from all over the world have messaged me and said that they have shared it with their friends, that it has helped them overcome anxiety, made them remember their best friend that moved away, helped them with their grief and many other things that I wouldn't have thought possible. I'm glad I've helped you guys in any sort of way, like doing your homework. Thank you for your support after 5 years of making this. Yes, I know it's not the best video out there-- I made this when I was 12. Top Asked ?'s: - Yes this is an instrumental version of In the End by Linkin Park - No I do not know who composed it, I do not know the website. - I did not play this. -No I will not put your link in the bio Also, do not post THIS VIDEO as your own. The making of this video is mine, not the song. Thanks
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