11 Hours Best Flute Relaxation - Extended Water Sounds Version

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More music from Paul: Download/Purchase: About the artist: Tracks: 1. As The Sun Rises 2. Atmosphere 3. Waking Loons 4. Stillness of the 5. A Shaman's Dream 6. The Bird Dance 7. The Far Sky 8. Water Prayers 9. No Tears 10. The Moon and Stars 11. Night *** Throughout the years I have become a lover of the deep resonance of the Native American Flute. AND, I'm deeply moved that this beauty touches us through many years of their mistreatment. THIS beauty is open, forgiving, AND touches us, and helps us in a healing way. My particular journey for this album was to focus on the healing aspects of the instrument, and to urge us to be gentle to ourselves. I also wanted to explore some of the boundaries by including middle eastern as well as the Native American Pentatonic ----- Paul Adams ***
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