(3D binaural recording) Asmr sounds of cooking

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Hello guys, This time you can try to relax listening to the sounds of cooking. I managed to make lots of them in many different forms, starting from chopping vegetables, ending at frying garlic in olive oil. It's fair to say that it was one of the most time consuming videos I've ever made. Generally it takes me up to 2 hours to make the whole process of recording done, but this time I started at 10 pm and finished around 2 pm. Basically most of the time I was figuring out the way how to record specific sounds. It's all because almost every single sound I wanted to record required an individual mic setup. Unfortunately sometimes there was no other way and I simply had to hold the dummy head in my hands, so in some parts you may hear unwanted noises. Also all of the sounds were recorded in my kitchen which contrary to the room in which I usually record is not soundproof, so it would be great if you could put up with the reverberations as well. I really hope you like it. For those of you who wonder what type of dish I made here is the recipe: Mexican chicken Ingredients: 200g of chicken breast or 100 g soy cubes for vegans and vegetarians 1 fresh red pepper 1 fresh yellow pepper 1 large or 2 small tomatos 200 g of sweet corn (canned) 100 g of red beans (canned) 2 cloves of garlic 50-100g of precooked yellow bean 100 g of brown rice 5 tablespoons of olive oil 1,5 teaspoon of tomato puree 2 teaspoons of honey or 2 teaspoons of agave nectar for vegans 1 level teaspon of chili 3 teaspoons of powdered sweet red pepper pinch of salt 1. Place rice in a fine mesh strainer and rinse under cold running water. 2. Boil 750 ml of water in a small pot. When the water is boiling pour the rice into the pot and cover it. It should simmer for about half an hour. 3. In the meantime you can wash the veggies and remove ribs and seeds from peppers. After that cut the peppers and tomatos into small pieces. Place all of the chopped vegetables in a bowl and mix them together. 4. Chop the garlic. Heat the olive oil in a large frying pan over a medium-high heat, and add the garlic. Fry it for a while, and then add previously cut chicken breast or precooked soy cubes and cook it under cover mixing from time to time for about 5-10 min. 5. When the rice is ready you can strain it and put aside. Now add chopped peppers and tomatos to the pan, and mix all of the ingredients together. Then cover it and simmer it until the vegetables are soft. 6. At the end add the rice, strained red beans, sweet corn and yellow bean. Again mix together, and add all of the peppers along with tomato puree and honey or agave nectar (order doesn't matter). Cook under cover for a few minutes. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------------ Dummy head microphone that I use: ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------------ Downloadable hq audio files: Don't forget to check out my bandcamp profile. There are lots of HQ downloadable audio tracks in many different formats such as MP3, FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC, or Ogg Vorbis. Now if you wish you can download your favorite soundtrack, and listen on your mobile phone or mp3 player whenever you want. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------------ Through the last few years I've been getting quite a lot of messages from people who wanted to start their own asmr channel but were not completely sure what equipment they should choose to make a video in which the sound would be noticeably good. So I decided to create a list of the most important devices you need in order to start making good sounding asmr videos: Recommended low-end audio recorders: 1. ZOOM H1: 2.TASCAM DR-05 Recorders with XLR inputs and low EIN noise: 1. OLYMPUS LS-100: 2. ROLAND R-26: Audio interfaces: TASCAM UH 7000: PRESONUS AUDIOBOX: Microphones with 3.5 mm audio jack: 1. BE-P1 2. ROLAND CS-10EM: Condenser cardioid mics: 1. RODE NT1: Fanless laptops: 1. ASUS TRANSFORMER BOOK: 2. ASUS ASPIRE SWITCH:
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