(3D binaural sound) Asmr soundscape/variety of multi-layered sounds

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The last voting: 1. Soundscape without music (151) 2. Sparklers (123) will be uploaded within 3 days. 3. Lego blocks (100) 4. Finger snapping (30) Hi guys, Today my channel has reached 30k subscribers! Thank you so much for your support On this ocasion, I decided to make a little contest in which everyone of you can take part. The rules are very simple: If you want to participate, you just need to explain in few sentences what asmr means to you, and how important role it plays in your life. After a week, or two I will choose the 20 most interesting answers. The prize are free codes for downloading a new album ''Floating Dandelions'' in high quality, and lossless format. Moreover all of the winning responses will be displayed as a background in upcoming videos. If you want to participate, send me your answer via e-mail: Email subject/title: ''Contest'' Photo is public domain: Through the last few years I've been getting quite a lot of messages from people who wanted to start their own asmr channel but were not completely sure what equipment they should choose to make a video in which the sound would be noticeably good. So I decided to create a list of the most important devices you need in order to start making good sounding asmr videos: Recommended low-end audio recorders: 1. ZOOM H1: 2.TASCAM DR-05 Recorders with XLR inputs and low EIN noise: 1. OLYMPUS LS-100: 2. ROLAND R-26: Audio interfaces: TASCAM UH 7000: PRESONUS AUDIOBOX: Microphones with 3.5 mm audio jack: 1. BE-P1 2. ROLAND CS-10EM: Condenser cardioid mics: 1. RODE NT1: Fanless laptops: 1. ASUS TRANSFORMER BOOK: 2. ASUS ASPIRE SWITCH:
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