RELAX: Singing Bowls & Rainforest Sounds - Bodhisattva Music - Klangschalen im Regenwald

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This video is from my playlist: RELAXING MUSIC, meditation music,yoga music & mantras. 2 hours of RELAXING MUSIC for yoga, meditation music, new age, instrumental music, chill out music, piano music, yoga music, study music, sleep music, ambient, soft music, soothing music, healing music and music which is able to calm you and to nourish your soul. Subscribe for my weekly videos: Facebook: Twitter: Visit my website: For this video I went deep into the jungle. The shots you can see were taken in the Jungle of the costa rican pacific coast. I played 3 different singing bowls in a very slow and meditative rhythm. The sounds you can hear from the jungle are thousands of bugs who come in the dry season every year. Sometimes in the video you can see the smoke of the sage I burned during the recording session. I hope you like it. Enjoy the big trees, the singing bowls and the sound of the jungle. Relaxing music to nourish your soul. If you enjoy relaxing and beautiful landscapes and soundscapes of the tropics, or the rainforest without any music, just PURE NATURE SOUNDS, watch the following playlist: "PURE NATURE SOUNDS" Hours of relaxing sounds and nature videos, lots of bird songs, waterfalls, ocean sounds, rainforest sounds, gentle rain, white noise of water streams and much more. Relax and enjoy. Keep safe and sound. Enrico Galvini © 2013, BodhisattvaMusic. All rights reserved. Music, photos, videos and lyrics are owned by Enrico Galvini, CEO BodhisattvaMusic.
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