Capture picture perfect stereo with your DSLR I Sennheiser

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Meet the new Sennheiser MKE 440. The MKE 440 has two aligned and matched mini shotgun mics ensuring that the MKE 440 captures the audio you want. The stainless steel micro-mesh wind protection reduces wind noise and protects the fine high frequency details in your sound. Sennheiser Website: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube Channel: More Sennheiser Videos: Sennheiser - Discover true sound! For over 70 years Sennheiser has been standing for quality products in the area of headphones, headsets, microphones & integrated systems! Sennheiser is guaranteeing real sound & customized solutions with respect to recording, transmission and reproduction of sound. With German engineering, decades of experience & innovative science, Sennheiser sticks to undistorted sound & is setting new standards with high quality headphones, headsets, microphones & integrated systems.
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