On the Source in Swiss Alps by Summer`s never End Festival

Get this sound with YouTube MP3jam Digeridu sound by Bruno Kaelin. Meditation on source in alps from Switzerland by Summer never End Festival III Graubünden ch. Digital visual art by Barbara Streiff on great outdoor party in mountains from Switzerland in summertime 08. Summers never ends Festival III - Out in Space (3 nights) - Outdoor - GOA,Progressive,Psy Ort: Rona/Mulengs Graubünden (same, same but different) ;-) (Outdoor) LiveActs: DNA (Phonokol rec.) IL Dual Core (H2O rec). IL Injection (Phonokol rec.) IL Symphonix (blue Tunes rec.) DE Dark Nebula (Digital Psionics) AU Bon (Digital Psionics, Pixan Rec.) Japan Arsenic (Manic Dragon Rec.) Japan Freakulizer (Alchemy rec.) CH Atma (Geomagentic.TV/ Kamino prod.) RO Supercell Project (Fractal rec./Room31) CH Vibracustic (Traintown Psy Syndicate) CH Beatlejuice (Woodroom Records) CH Crazy Goblin (Traintown Psy Syndicate) CH DJs: Liquidfreak & Bug (Klangwerk) CH/FL Montagu & Golkonda (blue Tunes rec.) DE ResQ (Klangarena/Frakasound) DE Luna Orbit(Digital Psionics) AU Müstik (SST/Index) CH Nygma (Frakasound rec.) CH Pinky & Brain (Vibrative Sounds) CH Terranostra (Klangwerk) CH Horus & Getorix (Freunde der Tanzmusik) A Pinch (frakasound rec.) CH Urban Tribe (DMT) CH Nightwalk (Vibrative Sounds) CH Skybass CH Cämix (Vibrative Sounds) CH Casiopaya (dmt) CH C-mohn (Index) CH Dr. Magnus (Verteilt) CH Garfild & Sokrates (logi Rec.) CH Heinz (aphonix) CH Painter (Wundertutte) CH Miguz (Index) CH Pixar (Freunde der Tanzmusik) A Father Oblivion (Samsara) CH Sindri (Vibrative Sounds) CH Psysmael (Freaktime prod./BMMS)H Alex CH Aechi CH Tsunamix (mythos) CH Strizzipatzi (Klangwerk) FL Dynalor vs. Don Shivan (burnheads) CH Lynkish & Morix (Klangwerk) CH 2dirty (Vibrative sounds) CH Sevis (Vibrative Sounds) CH Itchy & Scratchy (bergzwerge) CH
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