Fairy Lagoon in Rainforest- 1,5 HOURS LUSH WATERFALL Nature Sounds #8 - Costa Rica

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FAIRY LAGOON - lush waterfall in the Rainforest - Nature Sounds #8" BECOME A FAN OF BodhiSattva Music on Facebook and Youtube: Follow me on Twitter: More than 100 minutes playtime - relaxing sounds of a hidden waterfall in the middle of the rainforest. The beauty of this amorous waterfall can heal your soul. It will touch your inner world and you will be able to remeber true paradise - for sure. This videos of my NATURE SOUNDS SERIES are my gifts for you - you can listen and watch it for free on youtube and you can soak in the peacefull and powerfull landscapes of gods creation. Untouched and uncovered scenes of pure nature - a poem of god - a declaration of love from god. God declares unlimited love to humanity. Enjoy watching my new video ROMANTIC WATERFALL. Stay tuned, Enrico Galvini © BodhiSattvaMusic 2014 PS: You can SUBSCRIBE to OUR NEWSLETTER here:
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