[ASMR White Noise] Studying in a quiet library - 백색소음 : 도서관, 독서실 소음, 에어컨 소리

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Let's study with this quiet library sound. It is different from other library sound. It recorded in a quiet library. So, a basic noise is a air conditioner operating sound. But sometimes you can hear some noises like cough and chair sound. If you can't hear a basic noise, please raise the volume. If you have any suggestions, please give me your feedback in the comments or send me an e-mail. I may record them. Thank you for watching. 다른 도서관 소음들과는 다르게 조용해서, 에어컨 소리가 기본 소음입니다. 가끔씩 기침과 의자 소리 같은 소음이 있습니다. 혹시 에어컨 소음이 들리지 않으면 음량을 높여보세요. iceBall ASMR.
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