Relaxation DVD - Duck Ponds & Swan Lakes With Bird And Nature Sounds

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DOWNLOAD FOR FREE : Like us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter - Click here for HD DOWNLOAD - This DVD is Available at - Do you want more DVDs and Downloads? Visit our website - A DVD from the Ambient Collection® - Filmed with high definition cameras. Imagine sitting by a pond while ducklings bob their soft heads in the daisies around you and birds splash in the water, giving themselves a cooling shower. 3 films show misty dawns, ducks paddling in the Summer sunshine and glowing lakeside sunsets, and are set to relaxing music. A fourth bonus film shows a track from the Water Melodies DVD with majestic Swiss mountains and graceful swans Six more tracks show scenes of very different ponds, filmed in parks and wildlife reserves, and have soundtracks of the waterbirds enjoying themselves in natural surroundings. Films and pond scenes can be played continuously for endless relaxation. CUSTOMER REVIEWS & FEEDBACK Tony Helsloot has surpassed himself with this dvd. If you are stuck in the rat race and cannot find peace put this dvd on, adjust the soundtrack level to your taste turn off your mobile sit back and wallow as the beautiful vistas unfold before your eyes. The geese with their young offspring following in line astern in splendid serenity are matched by the majesty of the swans and the more frantic activity of the ducks As ever with ISIS visuals the title themes are supported by beautiful shots of the surroundings. There is a useful sub menu which allows you to select your favourite scenes if you can only fit in a few minutes.
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