Baby Barred Owl with Barred Owl Adults Hooting

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A baby Barred Owl exhibiting "branching" behavior the first stage of leaving the nest for owls. Watch as the baby is fascinated with the sights and sounds of the world around it as the bird sees things for the first time. The young owl passes a pellet in the video and also climbs around along the branch of a Texas Red Oak. The adult Barred Owls in the video do two different sets of calls. The territorial warning calls, aimed at another pair of Barred Owls nearby. The second set towards sunset is easy to recognize "Who Cooks For You" call, a friendly call. The parents are in nearby trees in relation to the baby owl. The adults and baby are in eye contact with one another the entire time. Strict wildlife ethics were followed filming this and at no time were the owls crowded or made uncomfortable. Dallas, Texas April 2013.
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