►10 Hours of Rain and Thunder on a Metal Roof ~rain on a tin roof

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10 Hours of Rain and Thunder on a Metal Roof ►It's rain and thunder on a tin roof. What else do you need to know? You get rain on a tin roof for 10 hours... with thunder. ++++++++++ An MP3 of this relaxing sleep sound, along with many others, can be downloaded at my website: Our mp3 files are 75 minutes long so you can either listen to them on your device, or burn them onto a CD. ++++++++++ Wow! We have an app too. Visit the Google Play store here: ++++++++++ We also have another "hard rain on a metal roof" sleep sound video without any thunder. Some people will wake up every time there is thunder, so maybe that one is better for sleeping. Check that one out here: This video should help you rest, relax, meditate, practice yoga, get a massage, ASMR, just zone out, calm down at work, focus your thoughts for studying, or, of course, fall asleep. Some consider these "long sleep sounds" to be "white noise", which many people swear by for getting a good night's sleep. It may also be helpful for Tinnitus relief. Baby having trouble sleeping? Try one of our videos. Not this one... The thunder would probably just freak them out! I hope you enjoy our 10 hour long hard rain and thunder on a tin roof "sleep sounds". Do you say "tin roof" or "metal roof"? Tell us in the comments. Maybe you would call it "rain and thunder on a corrugated roof". It is a little longer, but I guess technically you could call it "hard rain and thunder on a Corrugated UT-Gauge Galvanized Steel Roof Panel". That one really rolls off the tongue nicely. No matter what, if you enjoyed it, please subscribe to our channel. We will be adding new videos on a regular basis. Check out some of our other sounds and HD videos. Have you tried our large fan sleep sound? I bet you can't guess what kind of fan it is: No way you are guessing that one. You really should subscribe to our channel. How great would that be? We would also love to hear from you. Leave us a comment. It is easy. Heck, even clicking the "like" button would be nice. Rain and thunder sounds recorded and copyrighted by us: SleepDroid Studios. Photo taken and copyrighted by us: SleepDroid Studios. (Yes, that is the actual roof you are hearing!) Feel free to comment with other types of sleep sounds you would like to hear. More "Rain on Metal", rain on a tin roof, or thunderstorm sounds for sleeping? Other "Nature Sounds"? Rain Over Metal? Trickling water? Dripping water? Rain storms? City sounds? Pirate noises? More box fans? Aquariums? Bird sounds? Ancient fighting squirrels? Tell us! regen auf Metall, 金属の雨 Kinzoku no ame, スリープサウンド, Surīpusaundo, Schlaf- Sound, Regen und Donner, 雨と雷, Ame to kaminari "rain on metal", "10 hours" of, "asmr rain and thunder on tin roof" "rain on a metal roof" "hard rain" "rain on metal roof" "raining sound on metal" "10 hours rain on roof" ten hours of
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