How Water React in Different Frequencies ( Words) Dr Emoto Masaru . Researcher JAPAN

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Dr. Emoto Dr. Emoto is Legend of 21ct. his research of years has proofed that water has a memory. How frequency (our words) work and affect human behavior. He has done many piratical on water and sound from various part of the globe and found that words has a very incredible power and it can affect cell structure of living organism. This is a grate Discovery. Dr. John R. Rogerson Dr. John R. Rogerson has also a Legend of 21ct -- Scientist Biophysicist, inventor of EFI Photo Pro (Body biofield scanning) & International Lecturer on natural therapies and complementary medicine is specialized in studying 'the aura, energy fields, meridians and chakra systems of the body.' Give something special for your loved one. Promoting a balanced lifestyle and an improved mind body and soul. Introducing World's first Nano Fusion with Frequency Resonance Transfer Technology. This is the Biggest Revolution in the field of Healthcare and Wellness. This is a Latest Research of Dr. Ian Lyons and Endorse by Dr. John R . Rogerson This technology can balance Structure Water, Optimises Cellular Transfer, Protects & Strengthens Immune System, Harnesses & Grounds Negative Energy, Increased Zest & Improved Sleep Patterns, Reduced Symptoms, Issues, Stress & Pain, Strengthens Signals & Membrane Wall, Help in Balance Alfa, Beta, Theta and Delta Frequencies, Body Meridians, Balance Seven Chakras, Expend Aura within Minutes, And Many More Things In simple words this technology can save thousand people lives Let's help to create a Healthy World, to know more about this Mistrials Technology, its Franchises, Testimonies, FAQ session, Live Demos and any type of Queries For more information please visit
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