5 Hours Waterfall and Nature Sound Video 11 - 1080p - Birds Sound and Water Flow

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Relaxing Rays of Water in 5 Hours HD Waterfall Ambient. Relaxing Waterfall Ambient - 5 Hours - Full HD Waterfalls in the Forest. Relaxing Rays of Water in 5 Hours HD Waterfall Ambient. Undisturbed waterfall in the forest and woods of Carpathian Mountains in Europe. This waterfall relaxing video keeps you, your friends or customers in a relaxing environment while you are enjoying yourselves in a natural forest environment surrounded by tall trees that keep and preserve the cool mood of the waterfall in the wild forests of the mountain. You can actually virtually feel the cool water drops that fall on your face. Climbing into the mountains has always been the most efficient way to charge the batteries of the mind, spirit and body. The flowing water of waterfall has a high concentrations of positive ions which reduces air pollution, cleaning the air naturally. So relax but remember to go directly into the real nature and not just watching this kind of videos.
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